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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wedding Gowns By Belles & Tuxes

Choosing the perfect gown is one of the most difficult task in a bride's wedding checklist. With so many cuts and designs in the market, most bride finds it really stressful when it comes to getting the gown that compliments her body shape, personality and style.

Belles & Tuxes' team is made up of experienced fashion designers and consultants who have worked with all kinds of style challenges. We are true professionals who make gown shopping fun and comprehensive! Belles & Tuxes uses a collaborative approach with all our clienteles, where we take the time to get to know you and fully understand your goals before making any recommendations.

At Belles & Tuxes, brides can choose to either purchase, rent or get their wedding gown to be custom made to their body measurements.

A set of jewellery and veil will be chosen by our consultant to match with the gown that you have chosen to rent.

For more enquiries, or if you would like to try on the wedding gowns that we have here in Belles & Tuxes, kindly make an appointment by calling us at 03-6151 3377.

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